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You will think tanning is a luxurious service with the Airbrush Tanning treatment from North Lake Tahoe's Clearwater Facial Studio & Wax Bar. We only provide this service at your residence, not in store.


All Clearwater Facial Studio & Wax Bar's tanning services use Paasche Tanning Solution products. Our Paasche Tanning Solution is designed to match all skin types. It has great brown undertones that with even the fairest skin develops a beautiful coconut brown glow. It also has added antioxidants and vitamins for extra hydration as well. Paasche Tanning Solution applies evenly every time producing gorgeous color that lasts about a week.

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Preparing for an Airbrush Tanning Treatment

  • Shower and exfoliate to prime skin just before the application. Skin should be completely dry before tanning.
  • Please avoid using any exfoliating products that leave the skin excessively oily. For example, salt scrubs.
  • Make sure that all lotions, creams, deodorants, makeup or other toiletries are removed from the skin before application. If these products are left on the skin, discoloration and uneven results can occur.
  • Waxing or shaving, including facial waxing, should be done at least a few hours prior to tanning. After application use new shaving blades. Old, dull shaving blades can strip your tan and cause uneven fading.
  • All jewelry should be removed before application. Do not wear tight fitting jewelry until after showering.
  • Contact lenses should be removed prior to treatment.
  • Attire for tanning — Bring a dark colored bathing suit (or garment of preference). Paasche Tanning Solution washes out of most clothing easily, but tends to stain synthetic materials. If you do not have an appropriate bathing suit, disposable thongs or panties will be provided for the treatment.
  • Wear dark, loose clothing and shoes to your appointment so that you can wear the same clothing home after you tan. Tight fitting clothing can hinder results. Plan not to get wet, exercise or perspire for at least four hours. After six to eight hours, the product can be showered off and normal activities can be resumed. You will see some color washing off the first time you shower. This is just the surface color that was applied.

Tanning color development times

You can have a deep, dark natural looking tan within four hours of application. Your tan will last 5–7 days (10 days for some people if properly cared for).

Caring for your tan

Apply moisturizer, morning and evening, after your post-tanning shower. Hydrated skin makes the tan last longer. Exfoliating and shaving makes the tan fade more rapidly.

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